Monday, April 11, 2011

Canceled? Yes, CANCELED!

Cruddy Weather Storm Hits, no thanks to
the Midwest.  Hey guys!  You should have
kept the bad weather.

 Do you see a Delta flight to LGA on this board? No, that's because they canceled my flight. :(

So I ended up on a flight to JFK, I should have just gotten a hotel room in Nashville and fly in tomorrow (which is really today.)


Matt and I went to OpryLand Gardens today, I must say, I thought the gardens on the cruise ship were beautiful and impressive but they don't hold a candle to the gardens here.  Take a look for yourself. :)

NYC to Nashville & Etc.

New York to Nashville 4/9/11
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 This morning started at Port Jervis Station at 3.45am.  With one very drunk man who was making me feel VERY uncomfortable.

I wasn't able to make my initial flight, or rather Delta bumped me off until 2.00pm so now I don't get in until 4.30pm however... they did give me a pass to the SkyMiles Lounge and LGA which by the way is beautiful.  They serve snacks and open bar, however by the mass amounts of bottled beer and limited wine selection it is obvious that they cater to the male population, not a single wine cooler or malt beverage in sight. :(
This flight board made me miss Minnesota and the people there,
especially my family. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Displaced by Grey Hound

On Sunday 30 people were displaced by BAltimore's Grey Hound location.

The passangers, myself included wanted to get to New York City, the busses out of Washington D.C. were over sold causing 30 passengers to be stranded in Philly overnight. Many passengers have missed their connections home.

One of us has been on busses since Thursday.

The supervisior told us that Baltimore never called him on our 2 hour and 40 minutes bus ride. Sooo we have a two hour wait...

The supervisior here at Philly has been helpful but the customer service at Grey Hound has been terrible round and round.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


So I'm on my Amtrak to Baltimore, I've been looking forward to getting out of NY state and hopefully avoid some of the stress my now home state has brought forth.

This is my first trip in over two years where I'm nervous for the sole reason of being nervous. I'm sitting in anticpation of arriving, I want to make a good impression. I'm not sure why NOW this is so important but for some reason it is.

Currently in Philly, leaving about an hour 15 until we arrive. I guess it's time for me to calm down, book a massage, & get ready to enjoy being away.

Hopefully upon my return I will know exactly where I want to live and will be all moved in by Friday, when I hopefully leave to go to Nashville.

Super excited about that trip as well. Seven months is entirely too long to go without a good friend, the business out there should prove to be interesting as well.

Well here's me checking out, until it's time to review this evening- I'll post links to my Yelp! reviews.

Edit: Note, if you are more nervous than you have been in a really long time there is probably a reason for it. Be awear, be alert, and always carry your pepper spray.