Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moving + Traveling = Major Stress

For those of you who don't know I have relocated my business (and myself) to New York City.   Almost a 6 HOUR move.  Crazy.

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What's even more insane is that this is the travel week a gift from  Tara herself.  NYC, Boston, Baltimore, and Nashville in seven days- 2,693 miles.  Wow.  Thank Goodness for my trusty luggage.

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I'm excited about the adventure that is ahead of me.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Snow, Sex, & Stripper Boots

Welcome to Minnesota; Home of the Windy White Stuff
Sex, Snow & Stripper Boots

After much consideration I decided to get get a pair of "winter boots" (as seen in photo). My friend's dad is out of town so we went to his house to check on things. Low and behold after a 20 minute drive one way we couldn't get into the house so that left me trasping around back to see if the patio door was open. Drifts upon hard drifts of snow to his patio door. One false move and I could end up with a pantleg full of that wet, cold, icy crap known as snow. As I finally reached my destination, after what felt like a walk in the north pole I found out that YES her father did also lock the patio door.

So I made my way back through the poles to the warm Explorer and we went "home"- 20 minutes in the opposite direction.

So there ya go, stripper boots and sweat pants do have a justified combined use in a Minnesota winter.

The Outfit of Choice to take on the MN winter storms;
Stripper Boots, Sweat Pants, Sweat Shirt, Winter Jacket,  Michael Kors Sunglasses, & a Fabulous Winter Jacket <3

Dancing Queen

So while going out with my girlfriends last night I realized a few things.
1.) I'll take a bar packed with a crappy band and good friends over a dinner with any client.
2.) I LOVE dancing. I used to go weekly, now I'm lucky if I get out to dance 4 times a year.
3.) living with Karly would be amazing.
4.) When I'm out with the girls I want my man friend to be there to dance with. I had a great time with the ladies dancing but it's not the same.
5.) Dean is fun it's not the same without him.
Crazy guy with Long Hair is between Karly and Becky
6.) Even on a night out I have quick enough reflexes to knock the drink out of a man's hand if he's bothering me.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Coffee Time

The older (retired, and farmer) American population seems to enjoy this wonderful tradition called "coffee hour" which in all reality seems to go along with the Minnesota tradition of "farmer time" where "an hour" farmer time constitutes two or three hours by the clock.

My grandfather (see left) (who is neither a retiree or a farmer (he prefers the term rancher)) is no exception.  His coffee time has become my quick savior while working from my grandparents home.  It is the only real avoidance I take throughout the day of my true responsibilities; the endless emails, phone calls, and irate clients (who have not listened to a single suggestion).  This time period allows me to see life as a simpler thing- one where the day starts before sunup and chores end when the sun goes down.  It's easier and harder at the same time.  This place- this time brings me back to my roots, the standards and beliefs that I was raised on and have brought me to the over-worker, hardworking person I am today.

Grandpa always plays dice at coffee.  They shake for coffee and treat.  They shake for the pot, (one quarter or $1.00) at a time.  He puts me in and I almost always walk away with more than I came with which isn't hard because it's a hot day in a Minnesota February when I carry cash in my wallet.  It happens but it is really rare. 

This time there was a triple pot one of the shakers was laughing really uncontrollably.  Hilarious.