Wednesday, August 28, 2013

T minus no days.

As I get off of my nannying job thankful to the parents who let me go early even after the girl who was to cover canceled on me I went to cash a check, now folks this check was written out to a business. To those of you who don't know, I hate, hate, hate accepting checks for services rendered. I have had large checks bounce on me. I have had checks drawn on closed accounts. And I have dealt with identity theft on checks, it's not enjoyable when your bank calls to tell you that the check you just deposited will not actually be credited to your account. So instead I use Square.
I prefer Square. It's amazing, I have had no problems. I finally get home after opening yet another bank account and talking with a client and mentor to find out that it is 6.45pm and I have NO POWER, a semi hit the pole that brings power to my sleepy town and took out our supply. No power, that means no lights in my laundry room, no a/c (it has been in the 90's all week and feeling like it was in the 100's), and I can't scan my documents for backups or to leave copies anywhere. So what did I do? I call my best friend and freak out that I have no power, then I get to work assembling all of my stuff for the next 31 days and all of the stuff I need to hold & host business meeting which is totally different than the stuff needed to backpack across Europe. There in lies a problem, how much stuff is in my bag that I don't need to take overseas? Answer: about 15-20lbs, but this nanny is prepared with a ever standing UPS account.
So I pack, (I promise I'll post photos), power comes on (yay!!!) I clean, shower, and I fold laundry, I go to bed, power goes out at 23.30. So we leave to go stay at Dan & Sheila's. I need to be up at 05.30 and that isn't going to happen if I am all sweaty gross all night.

I'm thankful to have been able to sleep in the A/c. I'm thankful to have remembered everything. I most thankful I woke up to my alarm.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Two days and counting... and I'm sick

So as many of you know I am about to really go on an adventure.  I am headed to Washington DC to set up a business for my best friend and after 10 days I will be headed to London, Paris, and all over Italy.  I will be gone exactly a month.  I am SOOOO excited that was until I came home last night and figured out I was running a fever.  OHHH NOOO.

So I called my mom, as my said best friend was out to a movie with another friend of ours, and I say "hi mom" mom goes "you sound awful" (well thanks mom!) then I proceed to tell her all about how I feel, what my symptoms are, etc. She tells me to go to take medicine and go to bed.  I woke up feeling WORSE than when I went to sleep, so I text her, as I now have a 101.8 F temp.  I end up calling my nurse hotline and they tell me I can see a doctor ONLINE.  REALLY?  Because that's great as I feel weak and pukey and don't want to drive 35 minutes to see my on call doctor, my doctor is on vacation. So I log on the site to see the doctor and I'm told that I have a sinus infection and an ear infection. Uffda.
What a sweet service!

Dear Lord, I'm supposed to be flying in two days, please help me feel better.  :)  I went to the pharmacy to get my meds (wow are they huge!) and now I'm about to sleep, and then... pack and hope to feel better to be able to see my Chrio in the afternoon because he has a true health gift from God.  I am hoping that my fever has broken so I can work my last day, see my kids and say goodbye, and get paid.  I will show my packing lists when I finalize them... along with how I packed.