Thursday, March 10, 2011

Coffee Time

The older (retired, and farmer) American population seems to enjoy this wonderful tradition called "coffee hour" which in all reality seems to go along with the Minnesota tradition of "farmer time" where "an hour" farmer time constitutes two or three hours by the clock.

My grandfather (see left) (who is neither a retiree or a farmer (he prefers the term rancher)) is no exception.  His coffee time has become my quick savior while working from my grandparents home.  It is the only real avoidance I take throughout the day of my true responsibilities; the endless emails, phone calls, and irate clients (who have not listened to a single suggestion).  This time period allows me to see life as a simpler thing- one where the day starts before sunup and chores end when the sun goes down.  It's easier and harder at the same time.  This place- this time brings me back to my roots, the standards and beliefs that I was raised on and have brought me to the over-worker, hardworking person I am today.

Grandpa always plays dice at coffee.  They shake for coffee and treat.  They shake for the pot, (one quarter or $1.00) at a time.  He puts me in and I almost always walk away with more than I came with which isn't hard because it's a hot day in a Minnesota February when I carry cash in my wallet.  It happens but it is really rare. 

This time there was a triple pot one of the shakers was laughing really uncontrollably.  Hilarious.  

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