Monday, October 3, 2011

Harvest in the Midwest

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Missing harvest has always been a sore spot in my heart. I grew up in rural Minnesota, our house crouched in the corner against the fields of wheat, corn & soybeans. A missed harvest was a testitmate of the birthdays, choir concerts, & Christmas programs I had missed due to work or other huplas going on in my life.

In my heart I know if I have children this is where I want to raise them. Where they can feel the seasons, see the change in the leaves, and experience the circle of life. Where people still work with their hand, neighbors still get together and hunting and Christmas are celebrated with the same zest.

I feel a passion to this life that has been missing for quite some time. What a blessing it is to be surrounded and supported by friends and family, and a very special manfriend who teaches me something new everyday.

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