Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome to Illinois

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Greetings from Illinois, we will be happy to take your money so you can use our roads. The speed limit on glorious I-90 is 45mph with double fines ($375.00 fine minimum) due to road work. Evidentially this state didnt get the memo that it's 3.38am right now and there are no workers currently on the roads. At least the roads look pretty with all the fashionable orange cones on the road. I mean that's always a plus, right?

I'm excited to get my stuff and looking forward to moving on with my life with nothing else holding me to New York.

Honestly speaking however I'm slightly terrified of my return to Baltimore. It will be good to have surgery done& the hope is that the pain will subside soon.

I'm looking at this trip as the necessary steps to take in order to move on with my life with Nicholas. I will be apartment shopping soon enough, honestly speaking the word dread comes to mind for this procedure but it needs to be done- add it to the list I guess.

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