Thursday, September 5, 2013

Michael Kors & SAKS

So on Friday, I went to the VA SOS site only to find out that the site was down for maintenance, who does that on a holiday weekend?  Dear SOS, that was serious a bad life choice and I wasn't impressed so after a slight freak out I suggested that we go shopping, I mean after all I was in the shopping MECA of DC.  

Tysons, for those of you have never been, is like the 5th AVE of DC; you have Tiffany, Gucci, MK, well.... you get my point.  For those of you who don't know me well, I love shopping and I have a love for many designer things.  Big J. would say that you might as well go to Nordstroms or TJ Maxx and get the designer leather handbag that will last for 10+ years if cared for and make the investment of $300 than to buy a new handbag every year or season at Walmart, Vanity, or Herbergers, "buy quality, not quantity."  I'm going to upset some people back home with that comment, don't get me wrong, Herbergers has some nice stuff, but in the last year their quality in most things has gone down drastically, and their less expensive stuff is no longer made of materials that will stand the test of time.  Just ask my friend who purchased a $125 purse from them on sale only to find the handles were splitting from the purse with little in it over a period of a few months, I thought she was going to cry when she called me.  Sooo, we went shopping.  I always have a list of stuff in my phone that I am looking for, not that I need but WANTS, because let's be honest, I'm a nanny for now, I don't need designer anything.

And at SAKS on 5th (because on a nanny salary I don't dare buy from the real SAKS) I found something I have been searching for a few years for, a real leather (I don't like pleather, I grew up in the country) and knit coat by Michael Kors.  Remember I said I was in the shopping MECA of DC. It was gorgeous, upon seeing it I was saddened to find out that they didn't have my size on the rack, as I was looking for D. I found a "damaged" one on another rack, it has water spots on it and I beelined it for the dressing room, I mean faster than you can say "Bob's your uncle."  The ladies in the dressing rooms put me in the large one with the triple mirror, she must have known I needed to see where this coat hit me in the back.  After a very slow loading of Living Social's $20 for $40 deal, I had referred some deals to friends and had a credit (yay!). Because for those of your who don't know me well I like nice things, but it is very rare that I pay retail price for much, I may have designer shirts and I have quite a few (5 or 6) RL button ups but honestly, most of them were purchased in the Minneapolis area while I had an appointment or a meeting at the Goodwill for less than $10, like my Katie Young dress for $8.99.  

I had a long talk with D. about spending so much money on a coat, before a big trip I decided to purchase it- as after all, it was perfect, that is minus the water marks on the front, which I can take to cobbler in Willmar and have him remove for probably less than $30 and Macy's is still selling it right now for full retail value, no coupons accepted.  So I took my birthday money, (thanks Gram, mom & dad, and Uncle Dean) (because why not take birthday money and special earnings and buy an investment piece?) and some of my coupon savings cash (because I actually save 1/2 of my savings from coupons) and purchased this lovely coat.  And now that I have it I have been literally wearing it at night with my yoga pants when my body starts to get cold because I have been up for all too many hours working straight, but this coat, it puts a smile on my face and it's WARM.

Over and Out.

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