Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ommmmmm that Hurts so Good

For those of you that don't know I've chose to live a fit life. To me that means cutting out highly processed foods, working out (almost) daily, and yoga. Lots of yoga. It's been a huge shock for my system & after years of terrible pain I have found out I was in terrible shape. WAS being the key word. 

But all of that working out has made me super sore, so I went and bought myself a foam roller, but like in The Princess and The Pea, it was entirely too soft to really work the knots out of my muscles. {sad day}. 

So I looked at some more rollers. Hemmed and hawed and decided to make my own. For $40-$60 the savings seemed worth any headache. So I did some research and found a few tutorials but none of them was 
what I was looking for. I like pretty & sparkly things even better if they are pink, gold and glittery. :)

Supplies needed:
1 4"PVC pipe 24-36" long ($1.68) purchased from a local store
Carpet pad to cover PVC ($2.00) purchased hunk from a flooring store
Elmer's Spray adhesive (I had this at home)
7"+ zipper (I had it at home)
Duck Tape
Large plastic shopping bag

1.) Lay down the carpet pad with the netting side on the floor
2.) Ruff cut the pad to the size of the PVC all the way around.
3.) Use the spray glue do. {Hint work in 6" segments.} Hold it in place until glue sets.
4.) Make the final cut, be sure to pull a little so when it's rolling on the floor it doesn't loosen the glue.
5.) Cut strips of duck tape and tape across the seam.
6.) Cut a strip of duck tape to go the length of the seam.
7.) Cut a few strips of tape for the ends of the tube, cut slices and pull tight, tape to the inside of the PVC tube.
8.) Measure and cut the fabric, be sure to add 0.5" to all the sides.
9.) Turn inside out and sew the tube, leaving 0.5" of the bottom of the tube open, back stitch.
10.) Slip on plastic bag onto the end, trim excess, {leave the handle!!!}use tape to secure around tube but do not tape to the carpet pad.
11.) Grab the zipper and sew onto the fabric, make sure to sew tight. Mine was a bit less than all the way around the tube so I had to tuck the end in.
12.) Grab an end and sew onto the zipper.
13.) Flip the fabric and pull onto, check that the zipper closes ok. Open the zipper.
14.) Flip fabric again, {yes I know it's a pain} pull onto the end. Grab the remaining end, and sew onto the bottom. Pull off. 
15.) Slice the bottom of the bag almost all the way through, but leave enough so you can pull the fabric all the way through. 
16.) Pull fabric on and pull bag HARD.
17.) Pull bag out only after you have fabric pulled all the way on.
18.) Zipper it up and enjoy the pain.
Oh and this one is "just right." Firm but not HARD, comfortable, and best of all it hurts so good.

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