Monday, May 6, 2013

In Focus

Today is kinda a big day for me.  After working 19 out of 20 hours in a 24 hour period I am free. I love the children I work with but I am looking forward to my next two days off.  (Yippie!)  Let's face it my house could use a good scrub down and when I get home at 11pm or 2 am I'm not really in a cleaning mood.

Today, I am sending my day shopping with my grandmother.  My sister graduates from college next week and she wants a new outfit, as I'm headed to the cities to purchase a new 4/3rds DSLR camera I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to catch up with my gram and save many $100's of dollars on my camera.
See isn't it a beauty?  It looks just like one of the 35mm cameras
hopefully those pickpockets and scammers will think so and leave
me and it alone while I'm in Europe.
This is the Olympus E-PM2

I'm so excited!  I'm also buying two lenses from a different source.  Yes, it may be expensive to drive to the cities to buy something that I could order online (there's not a store within 75 miles that sells this exact camera) but it would cost me much, much more.

I got the camera and lenses & ordered my adapters.  I'm pretty excited.  Today is an off day. I'll be cleaning and doing more research on my camera and my trip.

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